Interim & Project Support

Do you need short-term PR or communications support to deliver a project? We can step in to help.

Our flexible approach makes us ideally placed to support businesses when needed.

For the last 15 years, we have provided businesses with PR and communication services on a project basis and have stepped in to support in-house teams when they one busy too. We’re proud of our record of successfully supporting businesses in their PR and communications – and we’re ready to help you, too.

Our highly experienced PR and communications specialists are experts in their field and because FCM operates flexibly, we can step in, pick up the reins and keep your business communicating effectively – even at short notice.

Want to find out how our interim and project support services could benefit your business? Contact us here for a no-obligation chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would we benefit from using PR and communications services on a project basis?

We recognise that market conditions are tough and businesses often need flexible solutions. Building a relationship with FCM to work with you on a project basis is a cost-effective way of tapping into our highly experienced PR and communications expertise when your business needs it.

What are the rates for hiring PR and communications services on a project or interim basis?

There are different rates depending on the type of support you require – and we draw up a support package that fits your business needs. Whether you need long-term support or short term hand-holding, we’ve got you covered.

If we hire a PR and communications specialist, how will it work?

Our team comprises a full range of specialists who can deliver any scope of work. The first step is to have a meeting so we really understand your brief and we can recommend the associate/s we know can deliver the work to the highest standards. We’ll then get back to you with costings. Once we’ve agreed, our specialist/s will begin to work with you to deliver your scope of work.

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