Great internal communications will be the difference between whether or not employees embrace any post covid changes to the workplace

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As we go through the rest of 2021, like many people up and down the country, I will be hoping that the pandemic will continue to ease, and restrictions will be lifted. At the same time, from what we are hearing in the news, the office-based work environment could be set to dramatically change.

We are seeing a real mix of decisions by businesses who have office-based staff which range from asking all employees to return to the office to considering a hybrid option which gives employees the flexibility of working from both the office and home.

Of course, after such a massive move towards virtual working throughout covid it really does make sense for businesses to take stock and take time to plan what working environment works best for their employees and the business. There is plenty to consider when thinking about changing from logistics and staff wellbeing in the long term and the impact on loyalty, teamwork, on the job training and learning and, of course, productivity and performance.

Businesses need to take time to listen to their employees and get their valuable input on what would help them to maintain productivity and performance, whilst potentially keeping the flexibility working from home provided.

This is where internal communications can play a valuable role by guiding the business to engage with their employees – involving them in the change and consistently building awareness and understanding throughout the journey.

Businesses that invest in internal communications will ensure that employees feel valued and listened to and at the same time iron out any bumps in the road by resolving any concerns along the way. Ultimately a thoughtful programme will ensure that a spirit of teamwork is thriving regardless of working patterns, building an inclusive culture whilst maintaining productivity and performance.

I’ve seen a lot of articles sharing views and ideas on returning to the office and I really rate this in-depth guide by Gallup which focusses on the opportunity for businesses to define a workplace value proposition that enhances employee engagement. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re looking at changing your workplace environment.

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