Screamfest resurrected for a festival of fright

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Blood-thirsty farmers, malevolent spirits, zombies and crazed clowns take over a Staffordshire farm as Screamfest returns bigger and better this Halloween for the most blood curdling festival of fright nights yet.

This October the National Forest Adventure Farm, in Tatenhill, near Burton, will unleash Screamfest Resurrected – a supercharged version of the popular Halloween attraction which attracts 24,000 visitors every year.

Spread out over thirteen terrifying nights in the run up to Halloween, the event includes five immersive scare attractions as well as an extended array of extreme performers taking to the stage for a full night of outdoor entertainment.

With over 100 live actors spread out over five scares and entertainment, it will be one of the most intense scream and laughter inducing events yet.

New scares for 2021 – Meet the gruesome dysfunctional Creed family in the moonlit maize maze, as you struggle to break free from their clutches to become their fresh meat in the terrifying Creed Farm! In Le Theatre Noir’s supernatural spectacle get fully immersed in a Victorian theatrical all-sensory performance – just make sure you don’t lose your soul on the way!

There will also be a new twist on the crazed clown scare attraction, Freakout, as it takes a sinister turn in 2021. The electrifying fright-filled funhouse has risen from the ashes of a destructive fire and awakened the demonic clowns within.

The popular Hillbilly Joe’s Zombee Zoo and Love Hurts will also return to make up the five immersive scare attractions spread out across the farm site.

The event’s live extreme performances have also been extended to provide non-stop outdoor entertainment, including a live band and DJ, fire acts, contortionists, street performers and entertainers. Also, a NEW Screamfest Six flash mob will wreak havoc across the farm.

“We’re delighted that Screamfest has been resurrected after having a year away and it’s going to be even bigger and better than before, filled with even more entertainment, and new scares.

“We really want people to have a great night out filled with screams and laughter. That’s why in addition to the five scares we’re putting on more live acts and entertainment throughout the night. It’s sure to be our scariest year yet with non-stop frights guaranteed throughout the night!”

Ivor Robinson – National Forest Adventure Farm

The night-time attraction starts on Thursday 14th October and will be open for 13 selected dates until Sunday 31st October.

Tickets give you access to five scares and all of the courtyard entertainment. Fairground rides and street food and bar is also available. Screamfest is not recommended for under 16s. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, at all times.

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Event nights:
14, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 October 2021
Doors open at from 6.30pm, scares open at 7pm
Not recommended for under 16s. Adult supervision will be required for under 16-year-olds at all times.

5 Terrifying Scare Attractions
Creed Farm – new for 2021 – Creed Farm provides fresh meat…of the highest quality. Come on down and experience the harvest for yourself.
Le Theatre Noir – new for 2021 – Le Theatre Noir presents THE SISTERS OF DEATH. For one night only witness their ritual for your soul. Come one… Come all…
Freakout on tour – updated for 2021 – The Funhouse is not as abandoned as it looks…Freakout has risen from the ashes.
Hillbilly Joe’s Zombee Zoo – Come on down to the Zombee Zoo, the best day out in all the south! Have they got some sights for y’all
Love Hurts – Just pray you’re not one of the rejected…

Entertainment – outdoors:
• The Screamfest Six – the flash mob dance party
• Hillbilly Joe’s Zombie Paint Ball Shootout – it’s you versus the zombies. Armed with a paintball gun, you need to stop the invasion
• Live Band – Celtic Fury performing on stage
• Live DJ – The demon DJ will be mixing chilling tunes
• Extreme & side show performers – magicians, fire performers, cyr wheel performer plus wince-inducing extreme stunts
• Streetfood, drinks and a licensed bar – a range of tasty food will be available

Location: National Forest Adventure Farm Postern Road Tatenhill Burton on Trent DE13 9SJ

To find out more about how we work with the National Forest Adventure Farm please read our case study.