Little and large horses arrive just in time for half term!

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Two Miniature Shetland ponies and a giant shire horse have arrived at National Forest Adventure Farm and visitors can meet them when the attraction opens for half term on 19th February.

The Miniature Shetland’s are just six months old and only 65cm (6.5 hands) tall* compared to their stable mate Shire, called Katie, who is nearly three times as tall, at 174cm (17.1 hands)*.

During half term, the public can enter a Facebook competition to name the new beautiful Miniature Shetland ponies, who will become permanent residents at the farm in 2022!

The New Life on the Farm event will take place daily between 19th and 27th February and all activities will be held undercover across the site. It is the perfect opportunity for all the family to be a farmer for the day and take part in fun farm activities, including bottle feeding lambs and much more.

Ivor Robinson, one of the owners of the National Forest Adventure Farm said:

“We are delighted that Katie and the two Miniature Shetland ponies have arrived just in time as we open for half term. They are amazing characters and to have the smallest and tallest British breeds of horse for our visitors to meet is extremely exciting.”

Tickets are available via: or call 01283 533933.

Will Jay and Kirsty Stubbs welcoming the new horses to the farm

Note – measurement is to the withers/shoulder of the horses