High-speed motoring offences double says lawyer

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A Birmingham lawyer has said that high-speed motoring offences have jumped by 50 per cent during the health crisis, and is urging drivers to watch their speed while the roads remain empty.

Manjinder Kang of Kang and Co has made the warning, a leading motoring lawyer who has represented high-profile clients including sports people, politicians, actors and doctors.

In the past nine months, the specialist motoring solicitor has said that high-speed offences have doubled compared to this time last year. High-speed cases refer to those that are excessively over the speed limit with a rise in the number of offences featuring speeds of over 100mph.

The reduced traffic is seeing motorists consider taking more risks on the road as they see an empty road and feel it is safe to increase their speed. However, this runs the risk of far more serious prosecutions than just speeding as it enhances the risk of more serious collisions which may involve fatalities.

Manjinder Kang of Kang and Co

Representing clients Manjinder feels the reduction in traffic on the roads due to Government guidance on staying at home and UK-wide lockdowns has meant drivers on the road have been tempted to go faster as they feel it is safer to do so with no traffic on the roads.

He added:

“Locally we have seen an increase in clients who say that the reason they were caught at such a high speed was because_‘the road was clear’_ and as such they took full advantage of the ‘clear motorway’.”

Manjinder Kang of Kang and Co

It is a trend which is being seen across the country as police record an increase in motoring offences during lockdown.

Data from the Department for Transport shows that during the first lockdown in March last year the number of cars speeding on UK roads rose significantly.

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