Burton Chamber President leads call for more sustainable business practices

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Both as president of Burton & District Chamber of Commerce and as managing director of Ginho Europe, Shaun Gray is looking to champion environmental best practice across the region.

“More and more companies are looking for suppliers that are authentically supporting a greener economy with environmentally-friendly credentials. This is especially evident in the automotive industry, for example, which is investing in new technologies that will deliver vehicles that do not have a negative impact on air quality and the environment and offer low carbon solutions.

“At Ginho, we recently committed to achieving zero waste to landfill by appointing Willshee’s Waste & Recycling. Their customer portal allows us to track our waste in just a few clicks – which will really help us with global tenders looking for evidence of our sustainability practices and records.

“As Chamber president, I am also an advocate of local businesses working together, so when I saw the information available from Willshee’s online customer portal, coupled with their Burton base, it was a complete no brainer!”

Shaun Gray

Dean Willshee, managing director of Willshee’s Waste & Recycling, added:

“We are delighted to be working with Shaun and his team. As with Ginho, more and more businesses are looking to access a transparent audit trail for all their waste as part of the tendering process for both private and public sector work, so we are really proud of the investment that we have made in terms of tools, technology and plant. And we are especially pleased to be dealing with an increasing number of thriving Burton businesses. I know Ginho, like ourselves, have ambitious plans for growth, so it is exciting to be working in partnership.”

Dean Willshee

British Chambers of Commerce have a useful library of guidance material for businesses looking to improve their environmental credentials, for example:

There is also more information available at www.willshees.co.uk